Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Safety

BoroduraTM Glass drinkware is microwave safe. 

Armora SteelTM drinkware is not microwave safe.


Yes, both BoroduraTM and Armora SteelTM drinkware are dishwasher-safe, as well as BusyLidsTM. Top-Rack is recommended.

However, as with any premium serving-ware or drinkware, it is recommended to hand-wash items to prolong the product's aesthetic lifespan.

For Borodura Glass Products, do not use metal spoons or mixing utensils. Borosilicate glass is completely thermal-shock-proof, but is slightly more brittle than standard-value glassware, when hit with very hard objects.

  • Wooden or plastic stirrers are recommended.

For Armora Steel products, metal spoons can be used. However the specialty ceramic-infused layers on the Steel core may show dark marks if scraped repeatedly. This occurrence, should it happen, is totally safe, but can diminish the aesthetic appeal of the interior.

  • Wooden or plastic stirrers are recommended.