About Us

The Temptum™ Mission


Temptum™ is all about enhancing lives through greatly improving everyday items we all use.

Look, in today's tough rush to get ahead, we are busy enough as it is. We don't need anything as simple as a heartwarming or refreshing beverage gone tepid, to drag on our good spirits. Focusing on the bigger picture and more important challenges is where we thrive. Let us help.

It might sound grandiose, but we truly believe that if a lot of the little things in our lives got a lot better, the world would eventually follow. The power of a positive mindset is unequivically important. Striving to do our part in this, we are starting with Drinkware.



As a practiced observationalists, we took note of drinking behaviors of hundreds of subjects and drafted up solutions to their beverage-related annoyances and compensating behaviors. We observed and compared that to what we were told by the same people. Through our research, we discovered our 'Aha!' moment when we noticed one of our own researchers conducting the same compensating behavoir as our subject. Sometimes the answer is right in front of your eyes!

From then on, it was off to the races to find the right manufacturer to make the product we knew was right. A few years later, after many test failures and late night redesigns, we arrived at the beautifully simple line of drinkware that you see today.

As a curious group of people by nature, Temptum™ is continuing to plan new product and service offerings for your benefit.