Frothy Delights for the Holiday Season

Who doesn't like a steamy hot drink on a cold winter night?!  Basically, nobody. Ever.

One way to make your kids squeal with delight (and your inner-child) is to add a generous helping of frothy whippings on top of your favorite drink. Here are some fantastic Seasonal recommendations...


For the Tea Tribe

Bonita Applebum Spiced Tea

  1. Steep a hearty amount of softly-flavored herbal tea (not acidic such as lemon) leaves with a dash of nutmeg and a stick of cinnamon for 4-5 minutes
  2. When the tea is nearly done steeping, add/mix-in a teaspoon of natural sugar and also prepare a dollop of frothed whole milk (or whipped cream).
  3. when the tea is done steeping, add a table spoon or two (to taste) of natural apple juice or cider. This will cool it just enough, as well.
  4. Plop the dollop of frothed cream on top and sprinkle with an aesthetic dash of ground cardamom.
  5. Now, think of meandering through the festive evening streets of northern Spain with your perfect drink and admiring the ancient architecture. Enjoy!


For the Cocoa Tribe

El Segundo Lost Hot Chocolate

  1. Prepare very hot (but not boiling) 6-7oz cup of whole milk.
  2. Add two heaping tablespoons of Ghirardeli hot chocolate mix and mix very well, until completely blended.
  3. Add two teardrops from a Peruvian Llama. (disregard if you're fresh out of this)
  4. Add a small dash of jabanero pepper powder for flavor.
  5. Create a tall spiral mountain of Cool Whip whipped cream and sprinkle with shaved ~70% cacao chocolate, grated on a cheese grater.
  6. Let sit for a minute to allow the whipped cream to melt a little.
  7. Add an ounce of cold whole milk to get the temp down a little (for kids).
  8. Insert a straw and hand off to the next happiest kid on the planet.