Temptum FAQ

What makes this Drinkware so special?

Well, for starters it's made from ultra-premium (and costly) materials typically used in scientific research. Secondly, The Extend Line of glassware utilizes a double-wall insulated construction to allow you to hold a super-hot beverage and prevent burning your hands, without the need of a handle, which can cause storage issues in your cabinet. The cups are similarly effective in insulating icy cold drinks from your hands and also prevent slippery condensation which can cause dropped drinks.



What's with the curvy, narrow shape at the top?

We call this the Thermal Curve™. One of the reasons why Temptum drinkware beats the competition in apples-to-apples insulation tests is because of the special necking-down of the top rim.




Why is a 'lid' found on the bottom?

The 100% safe silicone BusyLid™ is another specialty feature of the Extend line of Temptum drinkware. We don't always need, or want, a lid. However, we also do not enjoy looking for a lid when it's really needed, to help lock-in your drink's temperature when called away on important baby-changing duty or another super-productive video conference call.